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It is very common for both young and old athletes as well as lay people to experience injuries or muscular imbalances, when this is the case it can be very very helpful to employ the help of a physical therapist. While in physical therapy it is common to do various exercises designed to rebuild the strength in injured joints and other body parts. When stabilizer muscles are strengthened this can help with alignment and general support of the body, once this occurs injuries can be healed to be even stronger than before.


For example the shoulder can be strengthened with rotator cuff exercises, these help to stabilize the shoulder and additionally the increased muscle fibers directly around the shoulder can help result in increased shock absorption which will help to protect the shoulder joint, tendons and ligaments as well as decrease the chance of the shoulder moving too for outside of it’s range of motion and injuring a muscle by pulling or tearing it.

Additionally physical therapy exercises not only prevent injury, they can greatly aid in athletic performance. Sometimes small stabilizer muscles that are not often thought of can, when strengthened, result in greatly improved athletic power. For example the anti rotational abdominal muscles used to resist (not create) twisting movements, when strengthened will greatly help the back and additionally can result in vastly improved strength and power in many sports movements, since one can now transfer more force through the core.


Another thing that can be done is simply working on unilateral (that is, one side at a time) exercises. This can allow you to diagnose AND correct any imbalances that occur on either side.


Sometimes one leg may be up to 20% stronger than the other without you even knowing! A great physical therapist can help to show you how to correct this imbalance with simple unilateral exercises which can eventually result in improved athletic performance. Additionally this helps a great deal with treating and preventing back injuries, take the squat for example, if you favor one leg over the other to lift the weight, this can result in slight twisting and shearing motions, which, with a heavy weight can result in devastating injuries.

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